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The Novel COVID-19 Experience Has Raised Our Already Strict Standards to a Higher Level


The novel COVID-19 experience has required us to raise our already strict standards to a higher level. Our cleanliness and safety measures are in place to protect patients, employees and visitors. Here is what we are doing:



Our patients are our top priority. We will be following federal, state and county regulations for the safety of patients. This may include testing patients prior to admission, ongoing symptom monitoring and placing in isolation units for new admissions. We know that being engaged with your loved one is part of the recovery process. We are creating new ways to avoid social isolation for our patients and to keep families and friends involved in their care and recovery plan. We will help patients transition back home with the resources to keep them healthy.



We continue to train our employees on proper use of personal protective equipment. They are well versed in self-checking for symptoms and signs and we continue to monitor them each shift and during shifts as appropriate. These precautions will help protect everyone we encounter.


Center Environment

We are committed to keeping our facility clean and safe. Our housekeeping and maintenance teams have the tools and supplies they need to sanitize our patient rooms, high traffic areas, and other spaces and keep the center running smoothly.



We know visiting is important not only for our patients, but for their loved ones. We will continue to follow the federal regulations on visitation. We will be implementing guidelines to keep everyone safe which may include limiting the number of visitors, following our symptom monitoring, social distancing, hand hygiene protocols and wearing of protective equipment appropriately. We are here for you and we welcome you to our safe and caring centers. We haven’t taken shortcuts in preparing our center for your stay. Don’t take any shortcuts to getting the right level of care during your recovery.


We don't take shortcuts on care. You shouldn't shortcut your recovery. Call one of our Heartland or ManorCare skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers today to find out more about what we are doing and how we can help you recover.