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When is it Time to Move?


For most of us, there comes a time when we need to consider a move. There are plenty of reasons older adults decide to change their residence. Empty-nesters find themselves with too many unused rooms, cleaning and maintaining a house and yard becomes too much to handle, or going up and down stairs is no longer practical due to illness or injury. Some people decide to retire and move to a warmer climate, some move to a retirement community, and others choose to move closer to family and the help they can provide each other.

Whatever the reason, moving is stressful to everyone, regardless of age. Packing and downsizing are difficult both physically and mentally, and moving from a home where you’ve lived many years is even more emotionally challenging. Recognize the fact that you’ll need time to adjust to the idea of moving and the milestone it represents in your life. Coping with aging or illness is never easy, and many people need to grieve the transition to the next stage in life.

It’s important to consider several factors when looking for your new home, and the reason for your move is one of the most important. If health issues are forcing the situation, you’ll want to look at the many options available. Some retirement communities offer a range of services, from total independence to extended care facilities with a full complement of assistance. This allows you to stay in one place and increase your level of care as needed. You may opt to rely on a family member for care and move into his or her home. There is also the option to hire in-home services such as nurses or physical therapists when needed. Try to think ahead when deciding on your new home. Your health needs can change over time, and you need to prepare accordingly.