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Wife of Army Veteran Helps to Bring Normalcy to Veterans on Veteran's Day

Every day, our hospice teams have the distinct honor of providing hundreds of U.S. military veterans with hospice care. We take pride in recognizing our veteran patients with certificates, pinning ceremonies and other special ways to show our appreciation for their service on behalf of all Americans. This Veteran’s Day, Heartland Hospice serving Wentzville team members were able to safely thank and honor over 160 veterans throughout the day!

Mikal, account liaison, Nickie, senior account liaison, and Angela, volunteer coordinator, traveled around to hold small pinning ceremonies to ensure veterans knew they are appreciated for their service. The veterans were thankful to be recognized and many of them reflected on their time of service and told memorable stories that they will never forget.

Mikal, who is also the wife of an Army veteran, read a personal message to the veterans as they were being pinned:

“My favorite president, Theodore Roosevelt, said, ‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.’ This is exactly what service men and women do. My husband is a veteran and it is through his own words I am able to conclude the military mindset, ultimately, is doing what you can with what you have where you are.
One thing about my husband: he is humble about his military time, respectfully so. However, on occasion, I share that I am a very proud wife of a handsome, decorated and well-respected Army veteran.
On Veteran’s Day we recognize all military branches. Whether during a time of peace or during a time of war, whether a veteran's plight was short or long; we acknowledge the amount of courage it takes to make the best of situations despite the circumstances. A veteran's courage to follow suit and heed orders to the best of his or her abilities is noteworthy and certainly commendable.”

After listening to Mikal’s message, the veterans were appreciative, and many noted the consciousness of her words. Mikal said, “Our veterans showed courage once again, as they braved today's COVID environment. It’s important to have some normalcy amid the chaos, even if it is only for ten minutes. It was an honor to thank each one and recognize those who gave up their freedom for ours.”