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Words of Appreciation for Arden Courts of Kenwood

From Mike, Son of a Resident

I wanted to provide some important feedback regarding the recent excellent care for our Dad, Jack, at Arden Courts of Kenwood in Cincinnati. As a family, we’d worked carefully to be certain Dad would be all right following Mom’s death four years ago. Even at age 85, he continued to be very active and worked every day at his [insurance] office in Milford, Ohio. About two years ago, dementia began to creep into Dad’s day-to-day living, and it accelerated as time went on. We were able to move Dad from the home he’d been in for over 50 years into [a provider] in Milford for about a year and a half. Soon, though, Dad began to have more serious memory issues and had begun to fall from time to time. Arden Courts was then highly recommended for Dad, and we hustled to get him transitioned into the Kenwood facility; we had no idea how quickly he would decline.
The full staff at Arden Courts was beyond outstanding – friendly, understanding, professional. As a family, we were there frequently and always impressed with the sensitive care on the part of the Arden Courts staff. As things became more difficult for Dad, the Arden Courts group always knew the right thing to do, and this gave us great comfort. The final few weeks for Dad were very difficult for him with the dementia and congestive heart failure. Again, Arden Courts was able to compensate and make the needed adjustments, even when we needed to bring hospice help in the last few days. All in all, the entire stay and care for Dad could not have gone any better.
I know these comments are how each of the five children feels with respect to Arden Courts and the staff there. I sincerely wanted to pass on this feedback to the staff at Arden Courts and possibly for other families to reference, as well.
Words of Appreciation

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