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Words of Appreciation for Heartland Hospice Services - Milwaukee

From Ron, Hushand of a Patient

"My name is Ron. I wish to share about the hospice team who were with me through this period of time. My wife died of pancreatic cancer. Erica was the case manager. There was another nurse, Shelly. There was a wonderful LPN by the name of Denise, and there was a nurse, Porsche. They’re all amazing in what they did for me, but I was very impressed with a home health aide by the name of Chevette, who took care of my wife. Just in cleaning her and taking care of her; it was quite a thing of beauty to watch. I’ve had a difficult time, but these ladies pulled me through, thanks to Erica putting together what I consider an A-Team of people. They all were so wonderful. They were very important to me, and I need to let somebody know about them. Thank you."