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Words of Appreciation for Heartland Hospice Services of Fairview Heights

From Mary, Daughter of a Patient

My name is Mary, and my father, John, entered hospice in my home through Heartland Hospice in Fairview Heights, Illinois. His nurse was Lora, and I wanted to let someone know how fantastic she was, not only to my father but to my family, as well. My Dad was diagnosed with congestive heart failure but also had some very bad wounds on both of his legs and his bottom from the nursing home. When I say bad wounds on his legs, I mean bad! The wound care doctor at the nursing home wanted to amputate; that is how bad they were. Lora came in and went to work right away on treating the wounds on his legs. When she came, sometimes it would take several hours to clean and bandage the wounds. She never complained and was always very thankful for the help that my husband and I would give her when she was there. Lora educated us on his wound care and taught us how to change the bandages. If something she was doing was not working, she tried something else until she found something that worked.
My Dad passed away two weeks ago, and when he passed, his legs were healed! There was one small wound on the back of the right leg, but it was on the road to recovery. I was very impressed by the time that Lora took when she came and cared for my Dad. Lora was amazing, and I hope that this e-mail makes it to the right person and she is recognized for her hard work and dedication to her patients and their families! I also want to add that Darrell was amazing, as well. I never even knew that Darrell was a nurse; I always just dealt with him when I needed or had a problem with medical equipment or a refill when Lora was not available. He was the one that came out the evening my Dad took a turn for the worse. He was so amazing that night and was very caring and explained things to us in great detail so that we would understand what was happening and what to expect. He even made sure that we did not have this conversation in front of my Dad out of respect, even though he was in a semi-coma.
I cannot express my gratitude and respect for these two people enough! Without their guidance, understanding and sometimes just an ear to listen, I do not know how I would have made it through. Again, I hope that this e-mail finds its way to the right person and that Darrell and Lora are recognized for their hard work, dedication and compassion for not only the patients but the families, as well! These two individuals went the extra mile and beyond just doing their jobs. I will never be able to thank them enough!
Words of Appreciation

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