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Words of Appreciation for Heartland Hospice Services of Pittsburgh

From Richard, Son of a Patient

Thank you to those who put the “heart” in Heartland and being an integral part in my Dad’s care this last year. So many Heartland Hospice nurses and aides have come into my parents’ lives this past year, and brought a glimmer of solace, self-worth and reassurance to both patient and caregiver. So many different Heartland nurses (Kristi, Kimberly, Rhonda, Amber and others) contributed to giving my Dad a new lease on life this past year…a year that gave us kids an opportunity to deepen our love for Dad and a greater appreciation of all he did in loving us first and foremost. They kept in communication with the family, putting my Mother at peace by answering her numerous questions and keeping us informed and educated with regards to the aging/dying process.
CNAs Kevin, Jean, Jennifer and Rochelle not only maintained my Dad’s physical appearance but also his self-image. Though my Dad often exhibited a flat effect in the course of his day, when visited by nurse or aide, he would become animated, responsive and smiling, to the surprise of the rest of us. They not only fulfilled the physical expectations of their job descriptions but also would talk to my Dad throughout their visit, often exceeding patient and family expectations. Kevin would talk to my Dad about my Dad’s history of automobiles and talk to my Mother about her passion for gardening. Social worker Kristina touched (literally) and enriched my Dad’s life via her hugs and kisses, in addition to researching VA benefits available to this veteran.
Our family came to witness where the “heart” in Heartland Hospice resides and shines: in Heartland’s staff. Their dedication to patient and family was appreciated. From my heart, to the “heart” of Heartland Hospice, thank you!

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