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Words of Appreciation for Heartland Hospice Services of Virginia Beach

From Cassie, Daughter of a Patient

My mother, Mary, was a Heartland patient before her recent passing. I want to express my profound appreciation to all of the employees of the Heartland Virginia Beach Hospice office. I was a hospice nurse and often wondered what it was like if a family member needed hospice. My mother’s circumstances offered me insight into the challenges and joys from a different view. Heartland was supportive to my siblings, as well as to my mother during this most difficult journey. They surrounded us with professionalism from the heart.
Among the many wonderful employees who played a role in my mother’s care, I want to mention all the Heartland employees who picked up the phone to answer our questions and respond to our crises, and those employees who called us back with answers and reassurances. Jessica left such an impact on us. Although I never met her, Jessica’s kind and professional manner is well-remembered by my siblings. Tylene provided my mother with such tender care and joy that my mother felt as if she was at a spa. Sara relieved the family of stress and promoted a more worry-free environment to enjoy time with our mother.
Courtney arrived right away when the family called. My mother was in pain and begging to die. Courtney took charge, and with professionalism and compassion, calmed her and relieved her pain. She took time to reassure us. We were able to say our last goodbyes before our mother passed away peacefully in her sleep that same night. Shantale was incredibly supportive. She assisted us in washing and preparing the body. Richard was such a comfort to my mother, and to the family after her passing. He helped the family come to terms with the grief and traumatic guilt that flared to the surface.
My mother wanted “Puff, The Magic Dragon” sung at her service on Palm Sunday. Richard learned to sing it in time for the memorial service. The service was beautiful. Heartland Hospice answered the call for a mother and six adult children with varying personalities. We will never forget these “Earth Angels.”

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