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Words of Appreciation for Heartland Hospice Services - Pittsburgh

From Blaine, Son of a Patient:

"Dear Heartland Hospice Team, I would like to thank you from my heart and soul for all the help given to Dad and me throughout his time receiving care. Dad had nothing but praise for everyone! Each time I was visiting with him he made sure to tell me how well he was being taken care of. I knew if I didn't make it down to see him that he was in the BEST hands. He praised Lisa the most and I appreciate that she kept dad presentable, bathed and in good spirits all the time. He knew when Lisa was scheduled because he always told me. I think this made him feel better. Eric, the minister, made sure my dad's spirit will be in a place where I will get to be with him some day. Eric befriended Dad (and me) and is truly a special individual. Dad always bragged about how well Eric could sing. Carol provided Dad's nursing care. She kept constant care of dad, keeping him comfortable and always being available. Thank you, Carol. When Leonard visited, Dad spoke highly of the visit. And he was there at the end. Thank you, Leonard, you’re a good man. And ALL of you have been more than generous with your own time and buying Dad presents and gifts throughout his time on service. God Bless you all and I pray that blessings pour out of Heaven and enrich your lives forever and ever. Your memories are forever etched in my life. Best Regards to you all!"