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Words of Appreciation for Heartland of Jackson

From Jaye, Daughter of a Resident

I just wanted to write a letter of appreciation for Heartland of Jackson, Ohio. My mother is a resident with a multitude of health issues. Since she has been living there, she has been non-weight-bearing, making it near impossible to take her on any trips on my own. Well, this past Wednesday, I participated in a care conference with Tammy (who I value to keep me current), and they were discussing an upcoming trip. My mother had a doctor's appointment on the same day. The treatment care nurse, Brandy, called and rearranged her appointment so that she would be able to go. I also would like to recognize Jordan and Tonia who work with activities and go above and beyond to create events for the residents that make it fun and quite the experience.
In reality I want to recognize every team member. The kitchen staff has been a blessing, ensuring that my mother receives the extra food that I bring in and her favorite water. Small things, but those are the things that give a resemblance to a life she once had. My mother has been there since 2014, and she is a post stroke victim, which requires a lot of care and attention. They work their hardest to update me on any changes.
This letter is long overdue. I just wanted them to be recognized for their great effort into a job that doesn't receive credit often.