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Words of Appreciation for ManorCare Health Services - Boynton Beach

From Family and Friends of a Resident

You have been part of our lives for many years as you've cared for Lawrence. Indeed, several of you have been with him through all the time he has lived at ManorCare. Our grateful appreciation to all of you for making this his home; for keeping us informed; for your care, compassion, professionalism and respect for him and his family. And even in his last days, for continuing to consider him part of your family.
I know we can't give our personal appreciation to everyone, but we will name a few. The nursing staff for their ongoing concern and availability, especially Pierre who always made time for us and Larry. For the CNAs like Enithe whose attention kept him clean, shaven, handsomely dressed and fed. To Clare and the food he loved to eat until the end. To Charlotte and Ginger whose support was so needed. Kelly and Alice who helped keep him calm and understood his love of music. And to Meryl who was so very patient explaining things to us. Again, we say Thank You.